Attention All CNG car owners


  • Every CNG run vehicle including private cars should have endorsement of the CNG fuel mode on the registration certificate (RC) as per Section 52 of motor vehicle act 1988.


  • All CNG run vehicles including private cars should have their cylinder hydro tested every three years and should have valid hydro test certificate as per Gas Cylinder Rules 2004. The date of last cylinder testing is punched on the neck of every CNG cylinder.


  • In the interest of safety. it is mandatory that all the vehicle owners running their vehicles on CNG including private car owners should get their CNG cylinder hydro tested before the next due date of hydro test and get cylinder check plates affixed appropriately near the filling point.


Non-adherence to above can render you liable for Prosecution

The list of PESO authorized centers where hydro testing of CNG cylinder can be done.

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